Babeltrace 1.2.0


After almost a year in the making, Babeltrace v1.2 is out and packs a host of great features!

The first of which is the CTF-Writer API which provides an easy way for applications to produce CTF traces. This API is not meant as a tracing solution. It provides an easy way to write spec-compliant trace converters, merge existing traces and, perhaps, add CTF logging capabilities in low event throughput applications where integrating LTTng would prove impractical.

We have also overhauled and integrated the Python bindings branch into this release. These bindings now provide an easy way for Python application developers to read and produce CTF traces. Have a look at the example scripts to learn how you can roll out your own trace analysis and conversion tools!

Finally, we added an LTTng live (lttng-live) plugin which leverages LTTng 2.4's brand new live tracing feature. See the LTTng 2.4 release notes for more details on this feature.

Babeltrace 1.2.0 Changelog

Userspace RCU 0.8.3 and 0.7.11


Sorry about the quick releases, but I though I should save our packagers some time by releasing this fix, so they can skip over yesterday's version. It fixes a higher-than-normal CPU usage in presence of long RCU read-side critical sections. It does not affect correctness of RCU, just the amount of CPU usage in very specific scenarios. Since there is only one new commit, I'm putting the full commit changelog (from the stable-0.8 branch) below.

LTTng-tools 2.4 RC3


This release provides fixes for the lttng-tools 2.4 release candidate cycle.

2014-01-14 lttng-tools 2.4.0-rc3:

  • Fix: metadata stream should be always flagged as ready
  • Fix: wrong check before destroying the viewer metadata stream
  • Fix: race with the viewer and readiness of streams
  • Fix: missing reset when listing UST fields for multiple PIDs
  • Fix: filter: check binary op nesting
  • Fix: relayd cmd line option for live port
  • Fix: remove break in epoll loop of apps. thread
  • Fix: wrong comment in snapshot public API
  • Fix: clear the CTF traces when all the streams are closed

Available in the Download section.