Gain insight into your system's behavior today.

LTTng is an open source tracing framework for Linux.


Identify appropriate events exposing your system's behavior.


Extract the identified events with low overhead using LTTng.


Use a GUI, CLI tools, and custom scripts to analyse your system.

System-wide introspection

LTTng allows understanding the interactions amongst multiple applications (C/C++, Java, and others) and the Linux kernel.

Adapted to your use case

LTTng provides flexible configuration options that fit various workloads, from small embedded systems to large clouds.

Production ready

LTTng is designed from the ground up to provide low overhead tracing on production systems.

Easy to deploy

LTTng is available for all majors desktop, server and embedded Linux distributions.

The easiest way to try LTTng is to
follow the quickstart guide: