Conference talks

Author(s) Title Event
D. Goulet Linux tracing with LTTng - The love of development without printf() FOSDEM 2014
C. Babeux Bridging the Gap Between Hardware and Software Tracing Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2013
M. Desnoyers LTTng: Cloud Monitoring and Distribution Bug Reporting with Live Streaming and Snapshots Tracing Summit 2013
J. Desfossez Efficient and Large-scale Infrastructure Monitoring with Tracing CloudOpen Europe 2013
M. Desnoyers Hands-on Tutorial on Scalability with Userspace RCU LinuxCon Europe 2013
D. Goulet LTTng as a new monitoring tool LinuxCon Europe 2013
C. Babeux LTTng-UST: Efficient System-Wide User-Space Tracing Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2013
Y. Brosseau LTTng 2.0: Advanced Linux tracing for everyone Linux Conf. Australia 2013
A. Montplaisir Extensible trace analysis using the Tracing and Monitoring Framework Linux Plumbers Conference 2012 (Tracing Summit)
J. Desfossez LTTngTop: Human Readable Trace Viewer Linux Plumbers Conference 2012 (Tracing Summit)
M. Desnoyers Interoperability Between Tracing Tools with the Common Trace Format Linux Plumbers Conference 2012 (Tracing Summit)
M. Desnoyers LTTng 2.0: Tracing, Analysis and Views for Performance and Debugging LinuxCon North America 2012
M. Desnoyers LTTng 2.0: Kernel and Application Tracing for the Enterprise Linux End User Summit 2012
Y. Brosseau LTTng 2.0: Tracing for everyone Confoo 2012
D. Toupin Efficient C/C++ Tracing with Eclipse EclipseCon Europe 2011
M. Desnoyers LTTng 2.0: Application, Library & Kernel Tracing Within Your Linux Distribution LinuxCon Europe 2011 & Linux Plumbers Conference 2011
M. Desnoyers Userspace RCU Library: RCU Synchronization and RCU/Lock-Free Data Containers for Userspace Linux Plumbers Conference 2011
J. Desfossez Tracing in the Real World LinuxCon North America 2011
J. Wessel Tracing: User Space Tracing in Small Foot Print Devices LinuxCon North America 2011
M. Desnoyers et al. Userspace Tracing with UST Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2011
Y. Brosseau Using Linux tracing tools to analyse a LAMP stack Confoo 2011
M. Desnoyers Squashing system-wide bugs with LTTng Ubuntu Developer Summit 2010
M. Desnoyers Converging towards a unified Lockless Ring Buffer Library Linux Plumbers Conference 2010
M. Desnoyers A new unified Lockless Ring Buffer library for efficient kernel tracing LinuxCon 2010 Tracing Mini-Summit
M. Desnoyers Efficient Trace Format for System-wide Tracing LinuxCon 2010
M. Desnoyers LTTng, State of the Union Linux Collaboration Summit 2010
M. Desnoyers Using the LTTng Tracer for System-wide Performance Analysis and Debugging (Hands-On Tutorial) Embedded Linux Conference 2010
M. Desnoyers Userspace RCU Library : What Linear Multiprocessor Scalability Means for Your Application Linux Plumbers Conference 2009
M. Desnoyers Tracing ABI for efficient kernel-userspace tracing Linux Plumbers Conference 2008

Conference articles

Author(s) Title Event
F. Giraldeau et al. Extracting system metrics from kernel trace Linux Symposium 2011
P.M. Fournier et al. Combined Tracing of the Kernel and Applications with LTTng Linux Symposium 2009
M. Desnoyers and M. Dagenais LTTng, Filling the Gap Between Kernel Instrumentation and a Widely Usable Kernel Tracer Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2009
M. Desnoyers and M. Dagenais Deploying LTTng on Exotic Embedded Architectures Embedded Linux Conference 2009
M. Desnoyers, M. Dagenais and D. Toupin Highly-scalable wait-free buffering scheme for multi-core system tracing Proceedings of the 2009 Swedish Multi-Core Conference, (Uppsala, Sweden), MCC 2009
M. Desnoyers and M. Dagenais LTTng : Tracing across execution layers, from the hypervisor to user-space Ottawa Linux Symposium 2008
M. Bligh et al. Linux Kernel Debugging on Google-sized clusters Ottawa Linux Symposium 2007
R. Wisniewski et al. Experiences Understanding Performance in a Commercial Scale-Out Environment Europar 2007
M. Desnoyers and M. Dagenais OS Tracing for Hardware, Driver and Binary Reverse Engineering Linux CodeBreakers Journal Article Vol4. No. 1, 2007
M. Desnoyers and M. Dagenais The LTTng tracer : A Low Impact Performance and Behavior Monitor for GNU/Linux Ottawa Linux Symposium 2006
M. Desnoyers and M. Dagenais Low disturbance embedded system tracing with Linux Trace Toolkit Next Generation Embedded Linux Conference 2006

Journal articles

Author(s) Title Publication
M. Desnoyers, P. E. McKenney, et al. Multi-core systems modeling for formal verification of parallel algorithms ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, volume 47 issue 2, July 2013, pages 51-65
M. Desnoyers Proving the Correctness of Nonblocking Data Structures ACM Queue, 11 (5): 30-43 (2013)
M. Desnoyers, and M. R. Dagenais Lockless multi-core high-throughput buffering scheme for kernel tracing ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, volume 46 issue 3, December 2012, pages 65-81
M. Desnoyers, P. McKenney et al. User-Level Implementations of Read-Copy Update IEEE Transaction on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 23 (2): 375-382 (2012)
G. Matni and M. Dagenais Operating system level trace analysis for automated problem identification The Open Cybernetics and Systemics Journal, 2011
D. Toupin Using Tracing to Diagnose or Monitor Systems IEEE Software Magazine (Jan/Feb 2011)
M. Desnoyers and M. Dagenais Synchronization for fast and reentrant operating system kernel tracing Software: Practice and Experience, 40(12): 1053-1072 (2010).
P.M. Fournier and M. Dagenais Analyzing blocking to debug performance problems on multi-core systems SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, vol. 44, 2010
M. Couture et al. Self-Defence of Information Systems in Cyber-Space - A Critical Overview NATO IST-091 Symposium, 2010
B. Poirier et al. Accurate offline synchronization of distributed traces using kernel-level events Operating System Review
J.H Deschênes et al. Tracing Time Operating System State Determination The Open Software Engineering Journal Volume 2 (2008), pp.40-44

Dissertations & theses

Author(s) Title Degree School Year
D. Goulet Unified Kernel/User-Space Efficient Linux Tracing Architecture Master's thesis École Polytechnique de Montréal 2012
A. Montplaisir Stockage sur disque pour accès rapide d'attributs avec intervalles de temps Master's thesis École Polytechnique de Montréal 2011
J. Desfossez Résolution de problème par suivi de métriques dans les systèmes virtualisés Master's thesis École Polytechnique de Montréal 2011
B. Poirier Synchronisation de traces distribuées à l'aide d'événements de bas niveau Master's thesis École Polytechnique de Montréal 2010
M. Desnoyers Low-Impact Operating System Tracing Ph.D. dissertation École Polytechnique de Montréal 2009
G. Matni Detecting problematic execution patterns through automatic kernel trace analysis Master's thesis École Polytechnique de Montréal 2009