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LTTng Toolchain 2.4.1 Minor Releases


This version is bug fixes mostly aiming at stability.

LTTng Tools 2.4.1

2014-04-08 lttng-tools 2.4.1 (OpenSSL heartbleed day):

  • Fix: don't delete stream from connection recv list
  • Fix: use after free of a relayd stream
  • Fix: don't print stream name in error message
  • Fix: take session list lock when listing tp
  • Fix: add consumer wake up pipe to avoid race
  • Fix: don't spawn relayd if URL is provided
  • Fix: don't ask data pending if session was not started
  • Fix: missing test file in EXTRA dist
  • Fix: allow empty URL for live session creation
  • Fix: missing valid return code when adding an URI to consumer
  • Fix: syntax error in lttng.1
  • Fix: check relayd fd leak in lttng cmdline
  • Fix: remove unused tp in high-throughput test
  • Use autoconf AM_MAINTAINER_MODE.
  • Fix: clang 'constant-out-of-range-compare' warning
  • Fix: Unchecked session pointer when destroying a connection in relayd

LTTng-UST 2.4.1

2014-04-08 lttng-ust 2.4.1:

  • Revert "Fix: disable liblttng-ust-dl if dlinfo is not available in C library"
  • Fix: .split() the CC environment variable in lttng-gen-tp
  • Fix: disable liblttng-ust-dl if dlinfo is not available in C library
  • Fix: python invocation through env
  • Fix: Override AM_PATH_PYTHON's default action-if-not-found
  • Fix: don't accept configure –disable-shared
  • Fix: configure.ac: add missing result to alignment req. check
  • Fix: malloc wrapper: infinite recursion with compat TLS
  • Fix: liblttng-ust-libc-wrapper recursive use of calloc
  • Fix: mismatch between code and comments
  • Fix: incorrect urcu git URL in README

LTTng-Modules 2.4.1

2014-04-08 LTTng modules 2.4.1:

  • Fix: rcu instrumentation: add const qualifier to char pointers
  • Fix: add missing module version information
  • Fix: block instrumentation: < 3.14 don't have bi_iter
  • Fix: update btrfs instrumentation to kernel 3.14
  • Fix: update block layer instrumentation to kernel 3.14
  • Fix file permissions for lttng-statedump-impl.c

As always, you can find the different packages in the Download section.