LTTng 2.x Tracer Toolchain

The LTTng 2.x Tracer Toolchain allows integrated kernel and user-space tracing from a single user interface: the "lttng" command. The LTTng 2.x Architecture is presented in this diagram in pdf format.

LTTng 2.x kernel tracer modules build against a vanilla or distribution kernel, without need for additional patches. Other features:

  • Produces CTF (Common Trace Format) natively (,
  • Tracepoints, detailed syscall tracing (fast strace replacement), Function tracer, CPU Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) counters and kprobes support,
  • Integrated interface for both kernel and userspace tracing,
  • Have the ability to attach "context" information to events in the trace (e.g. any PMU counter, pid, ppid, tid, comm name, etc). All the extra information fields to be collected with events are optional, specified on a per-tracing-session basis (except for timestamp and event id, which are mandatory).

Release roadmap

You can always see the latest release roadmap here


The LTTng 2.x packages and development trees are now the default on the Downloads page.