LTTng 2.x Downloads

Here you can find the download links for LTTng 2.x.
Refer to each project's description page on the left to understand which component does what, and which ones you need.

Distribution Packages

Since Ubuntu 12.04, packages are available straight from the repository:
sudo apt-get install lttng-tools
For previous releases, or for more up-to-date packages, see the Launchpad PPA.
Starting with Fedora 17, packages UST and tools package are available from yum:
sudo yum install lttng-tools

You still need to compile lttng-modules manually.

RPM Packages by the OpenSuse project
For OpenSuse and other RPM based distros:
Arch Linux
All LTTng packages are available in the AUR.
If you have links to packages for you favorite distribution, please let us know!

Latest Stable Releases

If you compile the complete toolchain from source, you should compile and install liburcu first, then LTTng-UST, then LTTng-tools. The other components do not have any inter-dependency.
Refer to the README file in each package for installation instructions.

LTTng 2.5 "Fumisterie" - Tracer toolchain

LTTng-tools 2.5.0 (Changelog)
the trace control client
LTTng-modules 2.5.0 (Changelog)
the kernel modules (requires at least Linux 2.6.38)
LTTng-UST 2.5.0 (Changelog)
the userspace tracing library

LTTng 2.4 "Époque Opaque" - Tracer toolchain

LTTng-tools 2.4.2 (Changelog)
the trace control client
LTTng-modules 2.4.2 (Changelog)
the kernel modules (requires at least Linux 2.6.38)
LTTng-UST 2.4.2 (Changelog)
the userspace tracing library


liburcu 0.8.4 (Changelog)
The userspace RCU library

Viewers and other tools

Babeltrace 1.2.2 (Changelog)
the command-line trace reader
LTTngTop 0.2 (Changelog)
a top-like, ncurses-based utility to analyze trace information
Eclipse Tracing and Monitoring Framework Go to webpage
Stand-alone Java application to view and analyze LTTng traces (also available as Eclipse plugins)
LTTV 1.5
the graphical trace viewer

Latest Development Releases

This section features the latest releases of the non-stable branches. They may contain additional features, but also unexpected bugs. Testing is very welcome!

If no new version of a dependency is shown here, it means the dependency is the same as the stable version.

LTTng 2.5 "Fumisterie" - Tracer toolchain

LTTng-tools 2.5 RC2 (Changelog)
(Requires lttng-ust git head or lttng-ust 2.5.0-rc2)
LTTng-modules 2.5 RC2 (Changelog)
LTTng-UST 2.5 RC2 (Changelog)
(Requires lttng-tools git head or lttng-tools 2.5.0-rc2)

Babeltrace 1.2

Babeltrace 1.2 RC2 (Changelog)

Previous versions

You can browse the archives to access the previous versions of the different tools.

Git Repositories

git clone git://
LTTng Kernel Tracer Modules
git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://

Sample trace files

If you cannot take traces for some reason, but would like to test a viewer or script, you can use one of the following sample traces:

If you are interested in the legacy LTTng 0.x toolchain, see the Legacy Downloads page.